"Mariah Jas is a very promising Pop singer songwriter, blending melodies and drawing you in with her catchy lyrics " Stephen Wrench ,President

Voting/Nominating Member of The Grammys



We recently discovered the wonderful talented Mariah Jas.

Mariah, writes and sings music that is unique and innovative.


Graham Sclater CEO, Tabitha Music Limited, England said, "We love Mariah's style and are pleased to publish her original music. Since signing Mariah, her first release, "Moon Rock" has received airplay across the world.

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with her and to help her achieve the success she deserves."


After being intrigued by the beautiful guitars and oddly enchanting voice that brings us into “Love Is Gone”, I wanted to hear more from Mariah. Listening to her previous releases, they are more dance and pop influenced. The all have a unique presence that is Mariah, and are all well done. I like that each of Mariah’s releases encompass their own unique stamp, yet her vocal styling are so strong, that even when put through electronic filters, it is its own.

Listening to her newer material, you see a more authentic side of Mariah surface, both musically and lyrically. More organic instruments and clear vocals, stripping away the party and revealing a more intimate side of this singer songwriter. “Shakin’ Out” is my personal favorite, lyrically reaching deeper and really highlighting Mariah’s artistry. It makes me smile to see that Britney Spears is such a big influence to Mariah. I myself have always loved Britney, for her character, her performance skills, and her unique style. Mariah reminds me of an indie-alternative version of Britney, with a world music vibe.