As a child, she loves writing poetry and she loves to sing, imitating the popular artists. As she recalls, her consciousness toward western music popped out when the era of pop music was introduced.

So it was that her inner consciousness for western music was awakened and her inspirational journey to music began as she began to develop her vocal skills. She later discovered that writing music is as natural as writing poetry, and that music and poetry are creative tools and forms of expression for her imagination, experiences, feelings and outlook in life.

Mariah Jas continues to study, explore and widen her horizon to television newsreading, art work and indulges in photography as a hobby. As an instructor of the American Heart Association life saving programs, she trains people how to save lives.


Mariah Jas is of Filipino,Indian and Chinese descent.




Beautiful inspiration from talented musicians, a young musical artist, is finally coming out of the shadows to showcase her talent and share her kind of music with the world. MARIAH JAS.

Mariah's songs are lively, heartfelt and enjoyable.Her soothing, angelic , beautiful, dreamy and electric voice, innovative work and unique style of vocal arrangements and instrumentation and lyrics take your heart and mind to another place. Her lyrics are exceptions of reality , illusions of feelings , fiction of mind and together with her beautiful voice, and harmonies, talks about Honesty and Truth.Her passion for music creativity and heartfelt melodies and a soothing miracle of a voice makes Mariah Jas a promising artist.

Magical Incantation By Mariah Jas

"Mariah Jas is a very promising Pop singer songwriter, blending melodies and drawing you in with her catchy lyrics" Stephen Wrench ,President

Voting/Nominating Member of The Grammys



We recently discovered the wonderful talented Mariah Jas.

Mariah, writes and sings music that is unique and innovative.


Graham Sclater CEO, Tabitha Music Limited, England said, "We love Mariah's style and are pleased to publish her original music. Since signing Mariah, her first release, "Moon Rock" has received airplay across the world.

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with her and to help her achieve the success she deserves."



Mariah Jas Is Currently Working With MusikAndFilm And Tabitha Records/Publisher .

Moon Rock By Mariah Jas ''Single'' Is Being Played On Worldwide Radio Stations .

And Now Available For Download On Itunes And Amazon.com

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